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Tired of trying trendy diets only to find they don’t work for you? Confused about conflicting nutrition advice you read or hear?

End the struggle. Finally learn how to eat and exercise for your unique body’s chemistry.

I’ll help you find a better way

With a plan designed to work with your body chemistry


Have you tried different diets, none of which have led to permanent results?


Do you see changes in your body you dislike, and don’t know how to reverse? (memory loss, creeping weight gain, loss of muscle tissue)


Are you taking a number of supplements, but are unsure if they’re even effective?


Are you working out diligently but not seeing the results you’d like?


Do you have a family history of disease you’d like to avoid – but are unsure how to do it?


Do you want to learn how to work with the genes you’ve been given and not leave your health up to fate!

Specializing in Genomic Testing

To identify the most effective eating and exercise plan based on your genes.

Once you’ve done genomic testing – there’s no more guesswork. You know exactly what your body needs!

personalized nutrition program


initial consult

You’ll have an in-depth interview so Andrea can assess your diet, nutrient intake, health history. She will also review your current lab work and supplement regime, if any.

genomic testing

A non-invasive at-home test that reveals our genetic pre-disposition for numerous conditions as well as the most effective eating and exercise plan based on your genes.

personalized plan

You will be provided with a genomic report based on the results of your test. Andrea will meet with you to develop an action plan comprised of achievable steps to meet your goals. It doesn’t have to end here…follow up consultations are available for ongoing support.

Andrea and I have been working for some time and she’s so knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging. She really builds programs that work. If you’re interested in improving your health in any area, I highly recommend her.

- JL

About Andrea

With a Masters in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Columbia, Andrea’s career has taken her down many different paths, from working with the hit show Hamilton on Broadway to Olympic athletes and back to teaching at Columbia. During her genomics training, she learned about variations in DNA that help to define which dietary and exercise regimens would be most beneficial for each person, given their unique make-up. She is eager to strategize with clients in prevention–assessing DNA to understand one’s proclivity towards disease and utilize cutting edge techniques to help clients remain vital and healthy.

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To find out how Andrea can help you, contact her now.

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