Nutrition Services

Individual Services

Initial Nutrition – 60-75 minute session

This session includes a medical and health history, evaluation of blood work if necessary, general evaluation of your current dietary pattern, and discussion of desired goals. If losing or gaining weight is one of your objectives, a weight history and discussion of realistic expectations will be included. A personalized plan will be developed collaboratively, taking into account your food preferences and lifestyle.

Follow-up – 30-60 minute sessions

These sessions include continued nutrition education, progress review and solutions to challenges faced. New goals are established so that behavior change is successful, leading to desired outcomes.

Dietary Analysis

This is a thorough computerized assessment of your 3 day food record, detailing intake of all required nutrients. For many clients, this is an eye-opening glimpse into whether their needs are being met! Inadequate intake of some nutrients results in poor athletic performance, and development of chronic disease. From this analysis, goals and objectives will be set to reach optimal health.

Body Composition

This test uses a BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance System) to evaluate your body fat, lean body mass and body water. It is important to establish a baseline measurement, and re-test after adhering to a program. This provides insight into whether losses or gains are body fat, body water or muscle tissue. A full explanation of the results will be included.

Resting Metabolic Rate Session

The Metabolic Test will accurately determine your daily caloric needs at rest. Many people who think their metabolism is slow are surprised to learn otherwise! The results are the basis for determining how many calories are expended during all of your activities during the day, including exercise.

The Test Session Includes:
1)    Consultation before the test to discuss your weight history, exercise habits and goals.
2)    The test is then administered while seated
3)    Consultation after the test explains:

  • Resting metabolic rate
  • Total daily caloric needs
  • An evaluation of metabolic status

Whether you seek to fuel your athletic activity, lose or gain weight, this is an invaluable, highly
recommended test.

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